Grapevine Representative

The Firing Line Grapevine Representative (GvR) is the person who, every month, brings the home group that special mix of inspiration, personal stories, history, humor, and diverse opinion we all know as the AA Grapevine. The representative makes sure that copies are available and displayed at meetings and lets everyone know what’s in the latest issue.

GvRs may register online. Or they may register by contacting the GvR coordinator at the Grapevine office:

475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115
Telephone: (212) 870-3018
Fax: (212) 870-3301

For complimentary display material, e-mail

When you register, you will receive a GvR starter kit with introductory material and a confirmation letter (allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.) You will also receive a password to access the GrapeNet Forum.

It’s also important for the new GvR to contact the district and area Grapevine chairs in their area. District and area chairs have helpful hands-on information for them as well as a variety of materials; many also provide magazines, display materials, and books. In addition, area chairs often hold regular meetings for district and group GvRs so they can share ideas. They will welcome your help.