Duties and responsibilities to be performed by the Secretary:


  • Attend weekly meetings of The Firing Line.
  • Lead The Firing Line’s business meetings.


  • Take minutes The Firing Line’s business meetings.
  • Keep minutes and records of the organization in a reasonable format.
  • File any certificate required by any statute, federal or state
  • Give and serve all notices to members of The Firing Line
  • Be the official custodian of the records of The Firing Line.
  • May be one of the Trusted Servants required to sign the checks and drafts of the organization
  • Present to the membership at any meetings any communication addressed to the Secretary of The Firing Line
  • Submit to the Steering Committee and the membership any communications which shall be addressed to him or her as Secretary of The Firing Line
  • Attend to all correspondence of The Firing Line
  • Exercise all duties incident to the Office of Secretary
  • Train Incoming Secretary and work with them during transition.

Additional Duties:

  • Announce and/or mail information about important events and activities.
  • Maintain Minutes of the Monthly Business Meeting and the Monthly Steering Committee Meeting.
  • Maintain and update a strictly confidential list of home group members’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, and whether or not that person is available to sponsor or take Twelfth Step calls.
  • Keep a record of the members’ sobriety anniversaries.
  • Maintain an area for the display of alcoholism-related announcements, bulletins and newsletter.
  • Make certain that the General Service Office and other service entities are informed , in writing, of any changes of address, meeting place or group officers.
  • Make a report at the Monthly Business Meeting of the recommendations and actions of the Monthly Steering Committee.
  • Serve as a reference point for Twelfth Step calls.
  • Share with group members the mail from other groups and the intergroup, unless this task shall be handled by the Intergroup Representative or the General Service Representative.