AA Grapevine Representative

The Grapevine is AA’s “meeting in print.” It is a powerful tool of recovery, often reaching the alcoholic who is still isolating at home or confined to a hospital bed or correctional facility. It is also helpful to doctors, lawyers, and other professionals who come in contact with alcoholics find out how Alcoholics Anonymous works.

The group Grapevine representative (GvR) is the person who, every month, brings the home group that special mix of inspiration, personal stories, history, humor, and diverse opinion we all know as the AA Grapevine. The representative makes sure that copies are available and displayed at meetings and lets everyone know what’s in the latest issue. Grapevine reps at the group, district, and area level play an important role in the AA service structure, helping to carry the message of AA to the alcoholic who still suffers.

Duties to be performed by the Trusted Servant responsible for providing The Grapevine for the Sunday meeting:

  • Manage meeting materials by maintaining an adequate number of each item as indicated in the tables below.
  • Maintain an inventory of meeting supplies and keep records of items purchased (preferably in a Microsoft Excel file).
  • Travel to necessary business locations to purchase meeting materials.
  • Attend The Firing Line business meetings.
  • Attend weekly meetings of The Firing Line.

Information on this page taken from Grapevine Rep FAQ.