Web Servant responsibilities

Duties to be performed by the Trusted Servant responsible for maintaining and updating The Firing Line web site:

It is the responsibility of the Web Servant to ensure that The Firing Line’s web site:

  1. remains in existence, and
  2. is regularly updated with the most recent information.


  • Attend The Firing Line’s business meetings and provide a monthly report of website updates.
  • Ensure that recorded presentations are uploaded to the web site.
  • Ensure that all appropriate releases for recorded presentations are signed and given to the Secretary.
  • Ensure that all appropriate licenses are obtained and maintained for any and all software and/or services utilized.
  • Maintain an electronic backup of all information posted on the web site.
  • Events:
    • Only include events that are coordinated or co-coordinated by The Firing Line to the Events page.
    • Upload (add via HTML) Firing Line event flyer to the home page at least one month prior to an event.
    • Update the Events page to reflect Upcoming Events.
    • Once an event has passed, update the Events page to move the events from the Upcoming Events section to the Past Events section.

Other responsibilities:

  • Attend weekly meetings of The Firing Line.
  • During weekly meeting announcements, share The Firing Line URL (AAFiringLine.com) and give a brief description of what visitors may find on the web site.


  • Obtain web site access and login information from the previous Web Servant. You may be asked to create your own username and password.
  • Visit http://aafiringline.com/wp-login.php to login.