Phone list coordinator

Duties and responsibilities of the Trusted Servant responsible for The Firing Line phone list:

  • Attend weekly meetings of The Firing Line.
  • Obtain electronic copies of the phone list and related templates from the previous phone list coordinator or the Secretary.
  • Place printed copies of the current phone list and the sheets used for updates and new sign-ups in the manila folder that is kept in the meeting materials cart.
  • Prior to The Firing Line meetings, make sure the phone list and update sheets are set out on the literature table.
  • Following each meeting, check the update sheet for new information. If there are updates or additions to be made, add the new information to the electronic document. Be sure to change the “last updated” date on the document footer.
  • Once the electronic document is updated, print 50 double-sided copies and replace the outdated phone list at the next meeting—placing the updated list in the manila folder (in the meeting materials cart).
  • Shred outdated phone lists to maintain confidentiality. Do not simply throw them away.
  • Share an electronic copy of the updated list with the Secretary.
  • Attend The Firing Line’s business meetings.