Duties to be performed by the Trusted Servant responsible for set-up of the meeting:

  • Arrive one hour prior to the start of the meeting (4 pm).
  • Unlock the doors of the church (propping the front door open with a wooden block in order for the people attending the meeting to enter the building).
  • Unlock the daycare room.
  • Open meeting room doors and turn on all lights.
  • Make coffee and set out coffee-related items (coffee, cups, sugar, creamer, etc.) on the kitchen island. These items may be found in the closet where the chairs and tables are located. Coffee makers are found in the kitchen. 5 scoops of coffee per pot. For the water, use the middle setting on the coffee maker.
  • Setup chairs and tables to seat 50-60 people. Leave extra chairs off to the side (easily accessible to members of the group, in case more people show up).
  • Retrieve the meeting supplies from the storage closet and set-up the literature table near the entrance of the room. The table should display the phone list, literature rack (pamphlets) and a cardboard box of Big Books.
  • Attend The Firing Line’s business meetings.