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In keeping with the Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous (specifically Traditions Six, Ten and Eleven), The Firing Line cannot include references or links to outside entities. We include ONLY General Service Conference-approved literature, as it reflects the group conscience of the Fellowship of A.A.

12 Steps

Service Material from the General Service Office

12 Traditions (short form)

Service Material from the General Service Office

12 Concepts (short form)

Service Material from the General Service Office

AA Service Manual Combined with Twelve Concepts for World Service

Service Material from the General Service Office

AA Preamble (Old)

1940 Preamble of Alcoholics Anonymous

AA Glossary

To a newcomer, walking into an AA meeting can sometimes seem like entering a foreign country with its own language. Strange quotes, acronyms, and catch-phrases are casually thrown about in normal conversation. To someone who has never heard them before, it’s often very hard to follow along. It seems that what is needed is an AA to English dictionary for those just beginning in the program. This page is the start of one attempt at such a dictionary.

103 Musts from Cover to Page 164

If you go to enough meetings, you’ll hear it said that in AA, “there are no MUSTs, only suggestions”. Well, like most half-truths in A.A., if you hear them long enough you begin to believe them. But what does the Program have to say about this?

Big Book Original Manuscript v2.0

An electronic reproduction of the 1938 Original Manuscript of the book Alcoholics Anonymous. This was the version of The Big Book distributed to friends and colleagues of AA’s founders before the First Edition was printed. The text of this document is left just as it originally appeared in 1938.

Gresham’s Law & Alcoholics Anonymous

How do you want your AA? Strong, medium or weak?

How to Listen to God

These are a few simple suggestions for people who are willing to make an experiment. You can discover for yourself the most important and practical thing any human being can ever learn – how to be in touch with God. All that is needed is the willingness to try it honestly.

Prayers in Big Book and 12 x 12

Prayers of the Steps

Other Big Book Prayers

“I earnestly advise every alcoholic to read this book through, and though perhaps he came to scoff, he may remain to pray.” — William D. Silkworth, MD – pg. xxx

Sponsorship pamphlet

This is the first pamphlet ever written concerning sponsorship. It was written by Clarence S. in early 1944. Its original title was to be “A.A. Sponsorship…Its Obligations and Its Responsibilities.” It was printed by the Cleveland Central Committee under the title: “A.A. Sponsorship… Its Opportunities and Its Responsibilities.”