Intergroup Representative (IR)

Duties and responsibilities to be performed by the Intergroup Representative:

The Intergroup Representative is responsible for representing The Firing Line in all Intergroup affairs.

IR Duties:

  • Represent The Firing Line in all Intergroup affairs.
  • Attend monthly St. Paul Intergroup meetings.
  • Participate in Intergroup meeting discussions.
  • Vote on Intergroup matters on behalf of The Firing Line.
  • The IR may obtain advance guidance from The Firing Line about matters to be considered at Intergroup meetings.
  • Report back to The Firing Line about the meetings and upcoming Intergroup events and activities.
  • To the extent possible, participate in Intergroup committees and activities.
  • Report new Intergroup service opportunities to The Firing Line and lobby members  to volunteer for service at Intergroup activities, as needed.
  • Give a verbal update/report at The Firing Line’s monthly business meetings.
  • Communicate and coordinate with the Alternate IR if unable to attend the monthly Intergroup meeting or The Firing Line’s monthly business meeting.

The St. Paul Intergroup Bylaws are available here.