General Service Representative

Duties and responsibilities to be performed by the GSR:



  • GSRs attend district meetings.
  • GSRs also attend area assemblies.
  • The GSR serves as the mail contact with the General Service Office, and they are listed in the AA directories as contacts for their groups. GSRs receive the GSO bulletin Box 4-5-9 and keep their groups breast of AA activities all over the world.
  • The GSR serves as mail contact with their district committee member and with the area committee.
  • GSRs supply their DCMs with up-to-date group information, which is relayed to GSO for inclusion in the directories and for GSO mailings.
  • They are knowledgeable about material available from GSR – new literature, guidelines, bulletins, videos, tapes, kits, etc., – and they are responsible for passing such information on to the groups.
  • They learn everything they can about the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts and are familiar with this manual, the books Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and AA Comes of Age, Twelve Concepts for World Service, and the pamphlets “The AA Group”, “AA Tradition – How It Developed,” “The Twelve Traditions Illustrated,” and “The Twelve Concepts Illustrated.”
  • They usually serve on group steering committees.
  • GSRs work with group treasurers to develop practical plans for group support of GSO, such as the Regular Contribution Plan and the Birthday Plan. They encourage the group to support the area and district committees and local central offices or intergroups, and they are familiar with the leaflet “Self-Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix.”
  • GSRs participate in district and area service meetings, and often help with planning for area get-togethers and conventions. Following these events, they make reports to their groups for the benefit of those who could not attend.
  • Train Incoming (Alternate) GSR and work with them during transition.